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System of War and RolesEdit

War is attempted to make more roleplay and fun, Firstly troops are based off a tier system, the tiers range from 1-10, the first for example being a Goblin. Each faction has diffrent tiers. A List of Tiers can be Found Here. Roleplay Roles are based off lore, but none are made too much stronger than others except for Istari, but with Istari one cannot fight in a war without another Istari defending or attacking. Custom Roles are made all the same but their gear can be improved by completing custom-made Quests. Gear is also in a tier System ranging from Worthless to Legendary Craft. Worthless being the lowest of low gear, Legendary Craft only being attained by one Role, Sauron Which requires the Witch King(or other evil) to complete a very very hard quest and complete it without dieing. Legendary Craft items other-wise being attained by a Main-Quest Lines final boss as a rare drop, or as a open-dungeons boss drop but has a 2% chance to drop... Legendary Crafts all have diffrent Abilitys, Lightning, sometimes you can attain magic powers. Master Crafts can be attained by the Istari Roles as their Magical Powers, Like Radagasts healing ability, Sarumans Fireballs, and Gandalf the Grays Paralyzing Ability. As well as Diffrent Quests or Role Quests, for Example Aragorn can go on a Role Quest and must complete it without death to craft Anduril... Which would be a Master Craft.

Roleplay Actions Edit

"Roleplay Actions" are categorized as Actions like, Rebellion, War, and Duels. Death in War as a Role has a possibility of "Death" for the Role. Dieing as a cannon Role will pass on the Kingdom to a heir.. the kingdom can be contested if someone dies if their is no chosen role the old player of the now dead role can take up the kingdom as the heir. Once a Rebellion Takes place the rebels can choose a new goverment, Leader or Leaders. To Upgrade your characters gear or transition like lore for example Gandalf the Gray has to complete a custom quest to become Gandalf the White, giving him better gear.

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